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Amazon Vine to introduce tiers!

November 1 2023

Amazon Vine is now more accessible than ever!


If you don’t know what Vine is, or have little experience with it, here's a quick recap of the key things you need to know.


Amazon Vine allows brands to submit their products to be trialled for free by trusted reviewers, known as "Vine Voices," in exchange for writing honest and unbiased reviews. This program is designed to help both Amazon customers and sellers by providing valuable feedback and increasing the visibility of new or lesser-known products through these reviews. Amazon Vine reviews are labelled as such on the Amazon product page to indicate their source and transparency. It's a way for Amazon to develop quality reviews and promote product discovery.


If you have previously been put off by the pricing of Amazon Vine, then now is your chance to receive its benefits but for a fraction of the price.


From October 19th onwards, Amazon will be launching new, budget-friendly options for Vine to all sellers in the US. This new system sees Amazon offering 3 differently priced tiers of Vine so that there is always going to be one to fit your budget.


Tier 1 - $0


This first tier is completely free, so perfect if you are working on a small budget. This tier allows you to enrol 2 units per parent ASIN, and in return, you receive 2 high-quality reviews from Amazon's trusted Vine Voices.


Tier 2- $75


This tier allows you to submit 10 units per parent ASIN, providing you with 10 high-quality reviews.


Tier 3 - $200


This is the already existing Vine system which everyone has come to know, allowing you to submit up to 30 units per parent ASIN, and receive 30 reviews from Amazon's trusted reviewers.

Reviews do not only give potential customers greater insight into the product, but they also boost your visibility and organic ranking, as reviews are linked to Amazon's organic ranking algorithm, with Vine reviews specifically holding higher weight than standard reviews.


Overall this Vine update has made it a much more accessible option for even the smallest of accounts and can allow you to build your listing to help you improve your sales. 

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