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Our record-breaking Prime Day wrap up

August 02 2023

Recently, we gave our top tips for how to make our clients' Prime Day a success, and we're pleased to say that this Prime Day broke every record and was the biggest yet!


Due to the high level of traffic on Amazon during Prime Day, we suggested an increase in stock holding as we expected to see a rise in the number of orders around the event. Our clients saw, on average, a 57% increase in unit sales WoW, so ensuring you are fully stocked is a key contributor to Prime Day success!


We also suggested an increase in advertising bids and budgets to ensure all campaigns stay in budget and are highly visible over high-traffic periods such as Prime Day. Our clients saw, on average, a 90% increase in impressions WoW.


Most importantly, we focused on driving visibility for our clients to see a strong uplift in sales. On average, our clients saw an uplift of 141% in revenue WoW.


We are very happy to see our clients succeed during the biggest sales event on Amazon to date, and we will ensure to keep pushing for other high-traffic periods coming up. If you want to maximise your sales opportunities, get in touch with us today!

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