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Planning Your Amazon Strategy For Mother's Day

For the past year, Mothers have been working from home, fighting for toilet paper at the supermarket, home-schooling… you name it, they’re doing it. We all know that mothers should be celebrated, but this year of all years, they must be celebrated!

Mother’s Day sales represent more than £1.5bn each year with Britons spending £30 on average for a gift. With the majority of the country currently stuck at home with shops closed, most of these sales will go through e-commerce platforms, with Amazon leading the charge.

Astonishing research by Pattern found that user search terms containing the words ‘mother’ or ‘mum’ on the Sunday before Mother’s Day increased by 24% in 2020 compared to the previous year. The week leading up to the 14th of March 2021 will therefore be an incredible opportunity for all brands on Amazon to leverage an increase in shoppers looking for the perfect gift.

So, how do you make the most of Mother’s Day on Amazon?

Here, you will find the top three steps to building a comprehensive strategy.

1. Optimise your Product Pages

Almost half (45%) of shoppers say they typically don’t scroll past the second page of results, emphasising the importance of paying attention to and optimising all key elements of your product’s listing. The better optimised your product listing it, the more likely you are to rank highly within the search page results, therefore increasing your chances of being discovered by eager shoppers.

Your title, bullet points, imagery, description and A+ content will contribute significantly to your organic ranking on Amazon. All these elements are easy to adjust and update depending on seasonality.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, adding a bullet point to highlight what a great Mother’s Day gift your product is, inserting an extra image specifically dedicated to this special occasion or simply adjusting the title accordingly are all quick examples that will help you rank at the top of that first page when customers search for “Mother’s Day gift ideas”.

2. Consider Running A Promotion

As with any other key event and celebration, Mother’s Day is a great time to have promotional offers running on Amazon. Running a promotion is very easy and can be extremely rewarding. There are various types of promotions at your fingertips; from vouchers and lightning deals to longer seven-day deals or buy one get one promotions.

Any of these offers can help to boost your overall visibility on the digital shelf, increase average order value, strengthen your long-term organic search ranking, incentivise customers to trial your products at a lower entry cost and finally allow you to cross-sell and upsell to existing customers.

3. Maximise Amazon Advertising

If you haven’t leveraged Amazon’s existing advertising arsenal, you could be missing out on a significant portion of quality traffic and sales revenue. Amazon Advertising enables you to create several different campaigns depending on your objectives and products. Over high traffic and high shopping seasons, we would always recommend increasing your advertising budget to ensure you are getting in front of customers looking for your product.

You might consider having a seasonal campaign for key events such as Mother’s Day, with a selection of targeted keywords including relevant terms; “ideas for mum’s present”, “mother’s day gifts” and so forth. The convenient time scheduling settings allow you to run stress-free campaigns over high traffic periods and assess your performance in real time.

4. BONUS – Think Outside the Amazon Box

Most sellers on Amazon have strong brand presence outside of Amazon’s ecosystem, especially on their social media platforms and websites. Why not combine both? Amazon rewards sellers that are able to bring customers from outside the platform to their ecommerce space. You could re-direct your social media followers to Amazon with special coupons or even a personalised vouchers code simply by promoting your product listings on social media.

There are many ways to get creative with your advertising strategy, it’s just a matter of finding the right balance!

Whether you are in the food, personal care, tech, drinks (oh, especially drinks!) industry, there is a Mother out there waiting to get the perfect gift this year. So why keep them waiting?

If you are wondering where to start, at Toucan Ecommerce we have a dedicated team of Amazon experts available to guide you in the right direction for your brand.

We are not just another marketing agency, we work as if we are an amazon extension of your team! With over 25 years of combined experience, we provide full-service Amazon expertise for brands of all sizes to support them on their Amazon journey. We offer a full range of best-in-class services from beginning to end account management, consultancy, training programmes, digital merchandising and content creation!

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