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How to make Amazon work for your health brand this January

January is the month for healthy resolutions

Most of us see the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to reset and fulfil new goals. Therefore, each time January comes, we set ourselves a few objectives to achieve in the next 12 months. One of the most common goals, especially after the holidays when we all indulge in lots of food and drink, is to get rid of unhealthy eating habits and adopt a new and improved consumption regime.

Among the most famous health consumption movements is Veganuary. Millions of people worldwide exclusively consume plant-based products for the duration of January to reduce their impact on the environment; this movement is especially prominent in the UK and many of our clients in the grocery sector support Veganuary. Other health-oriented initiatives include the promotion of Low Cal, Low Carb and Sugar Free diets and products. All of these are often part of people’s New Year’s Resolutions, and customers will go on Amazon and search for products to fulfil their resolution. Each year, the shift towards healthier consumption provides us with a huge opportunity to really push sales and maximise profits for healthy products on Amazon.

How January strategies can improve the quality of sales for the rest of the year

If you were to browse on Amazon in January, you would notice that countless health brands in the grocery category have promotional strategies in place for the month. At Toucan, we always encourage our clients selling healthy goods to launch offers and discounts for January, including vouchers and deals. Veganuary is perhaps one of the biggest opportunities for vegan brands on Amazon, which is why we advise our clients in the vegan sector to dedicate a significant portion of their budget to promotions in January.

We at Toucan Ecommerce strongly encourage all our clients to invest some of their budget on deals and vouchers. That is because having a clear promotional strategy in place provides long-term benefits, such as higher product and brand visibility, an improvement in sales rank and an increase in organic reviews. For example, when we implemented a discount voucher for one of our clients, we saw a dramatic improvement in sales rank in the category; from 22,000nd in the category, the product ranked 8,000th within 24 hours. This shows that vouchers and deals are a great way to maximise brand awareness, increase New-To-Brand orders and eventually the number of reviews. This effect is amplified for health-conscious brands in January, which tends to be the biggest month for health and vegan clients.

For brands in the grocery sector, as well as in other categories, January is also a great month to establish overall marketing and promotional strategies for the year ahead. At Toucan we build a detailed annual strategy tailored to each of our clients, where we discuss their goals for the year and plan out ways to hit every single one of their targets on Amazon. Participation in seasonal events, like Veganuary or the New Year’s Resolution Event, can set you up for an extremely profitable and healthy sales year ahead.

We can help!

Does your company need a tailored strategy for a successful year of sales on Amazon? With over 25 years of combined expertise, we are here to help! Reach out to hello@toucanecommerce.com and let’s chat about what we can do to make your brand flourish on Amazon in 2022.

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