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3 Steps To A Successful Product Launch On Amazon

So you've made the decision to launch your products on Amazon... now what? We know it can seem overwhelming with so much to learn, so many tools to master and so many features to get your head around. Despite a general assumption that Amazon can be an overnight money-maker, sadly this is rarely the case. A successful launch requires planning, attention to detail and can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to fully ramp up.

Throughout this guide we will take you through step-by-step what you will need to consider before launching on Amazon and what you can do to begin seeing fantastic results.

The typically process for launching on Amazon begins with creating strong optimised listings, uploaded either through Vendor or Seller Central. After you have your products uploaded, the process begins to becomes more complex, incorporating other variables such as advertising, prootions, stock forecasting and hands-on account management.

The launch process will vary depending on;

  • Whether your products are well-known

  • Whether your products are new to Amazon

  • The size of your advertising budget

STEP 1: Listing Your Products

Listings should be optimised and enriched with both detailed product descriptions and optimised image libraries. You can optimise your content by writing detailed descriptions containing highly relevant keywords that often crop-up in typical search terms of your shoppers. Ensure your image library is full of a variety of product and lifestyle shots so your customers can imagine themselves using your product - it is crucial they are high quality images.

Don't forget to check that your products are selling within an appropriate price range for the relevant category. NAturally, a premium brand will have a high price point but be careful not to price yourself out of the market. Amazon is highly competitive.

STEP 2: Get Familiar With Activation Tools

Once you have successfully listed your products, there are a multitude of tools and features which can be enabled to help boost discoverability and visibility of your products. For example, the Amazon Vine Sampling PRogram can help you boost your product's reviews and ratings with honest feedback from trusted Amazon shoppers whilst utilising Enhanced Brand Content will ensure your page stands out from competitors.

In the first 3 months of selling on Amazon, your interaction the the amazon algorithm is imperative to your success. The more Amazon sees you using these advanced tools and features, the more your organic ranking position will improve, therefore increasing your opportunity to be discovered by shoppers and grow your sales.

STEP 3: Boost Visibility With Advertising

If you imagine Amazon as a giant physical store, there may be hundreds or even thousands of people selling similar products to your own which makes it difficult to stand out from competitors. Without a great set of advertising campaigns, customers will struggle to discover your products and you could end up fading into the background of your own category.

Product listings need to be elevated and using Amazon's Advertising tools if the most effective way of driving new and existing customers to your product pages. As a basic starting point for new sellers, we would recommend a simple PPC strategy, using Sponsored Product Ads and SPonsored Brand Ads to get some valuable insights and start driving discoverability.


There are many other variables and features to consider and it can certainly be hard to predict the exact output in your first 3 months as a seller, however ask yourself the following question...

"Am i selling a price competitive product with strong listing content and a strong selection of high-quality listing images?"

Once you have mastered these first three steps, you will be in a good position to being scaling your activity with increased Advertising investment and incorporate additional activation tools to drive consistent growth.

Please reach out to us with your questions or assistance in your Amazon journey.

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