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Ensure authenticity with Amazon Transparency

October 04 2023

Amazon's Transparency programme allows you to proactively protect your brand from counterfeits, by ensuring every unit that is dispatched is authentic, as products cannot be listed or shipped without valid transparency codes. This is done by using unique codes attached to individual products so they can be identified and confirmed as authentic, meaning that only you can win the buy box leading to many important benefits.  


Engaging with customers post-purchase is also made easier as the transparency codes can be scanned by customers via either the Amazon Shopping or Transparency app. This allows customers to confirm the authenticity and access the content which you provide. 


Furthermore, you as the brand owner can gain additional insights into your items, at either batch or lot level, helping identify supply chain issues and diagnose their root cause, helping you implement solutions and improve products with little disruption to your business. 


The most important part of transparency for your business is being the sole seller of your product, as this allows you to constantly win the buy box, and not have to change your prices to be more competitive against 3rd party sellers. 


We tested how the transparency program helps to improve sales across both the UK and DE markets. In the UK, we observed an average increase of +36% in ordered sales across all products enrolled in transparency. Meanwhile, in DE, shipped revenue surged by +51%.


This shows how crucial winning the buy-box through the transparency program can be, and how it can help you to achieve your business goals on Amazon. 

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