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Amazon Ads updates

November 1 2023

Over the month of October, Amazon has been rolling out updates for Sponsored Ads, so we've put together a list to catch you up on anything you might have missed!

Rest-of-Search Bid Adjustments coming to Sponsored Products!


Sponsored Products will soon have the option to control the rest-of-search bid adjustment, just like with top-of-search and product page bid adjustments! You will be able to adjust your bid by up to 900%, as seen with the other two placement options.


This will allow you to stay competitive and visible to shoppers even when not reaching the top ad slots.


Sponsored Brands now has a new outcome-based Goal!


Sponsored Brands has a new outcome-based goal! Similar to Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands can now optimise for reach and growing brand impression share, allowing you to utilise the vCPM model over the cost-per-click (CPC) model.


This allows you to pay a fixed cost per 1000 views rather than per click, giving you much more control in how you spend your advertising budget compared to the CPC model.

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