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How A/B testing drives conversion and sales

September 06 2023

Amazon A/B testing: A game-changer for sales! 


Imagine having two versions of your product page on Amazon - one with vibrant images and the other with more descriptive text. Which one do you think would drive more sales? That's where A/B testing comes in. It's like giving your product a "makeover" and seeing which version your customers love more! 


What's it all about? 


A/B testing on Amazon lets you compare two variations of your product listing - be it the title, bullet points, images, description or A+. After 10 days, you get to see which version is performing better in terms of conversion rate, sales, and units sold. 


Quick insights or deep dive? 


Want results fast? You can get them in as little as 4 weeks. But for a more comprehensive analysis, we suggest allowing the test to run for the full 10 weeks, to get a clear idea of your listings' performance. 


Reduced risks = more confidence   


A/B testing also helps to reduce the risk of making widespread changes! While one group sees the new change, another group views the original. So, even if the new version doesn't work, your entire customer base isn't affected. 


Beware of false positives 


However, A/B testing does not come without its risks. If your test runs only for 4 weeks or has a small sample size, the results might not be truly reflective. For a clear picture, ensure your product reaches a broad audience and consider running the experiment for the 10-week period. 


A/B testing overall 


Amazon A/B testing can be valuable, as it can help boost your sales strategy. But it demands thought, a clear hypothesis, and careful planning in order to get meaningful and actionable insights.  

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